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Construction Methods

Drill and Blast

As most of the tunnels between Yau Me Tei Station and Whampoa Station are to be constructed in rock, the drill and blast method will be adopted as the method of excavation. MTR Corporation is very experienced in this form of construction for building railways in Hong Kong. Detailed assessments are carried out along the route before deciding on the method of excavation.

For more information, Please click to view the leaflet on the Drill and Blast Construction Method.

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Open Blast

Ho Man Tin Station will be located at the site of former Valley Road Estate. In view of the geographical limitation, the upper soft ground near the surface will be excavated by open cut method. Open blast method will then be adopted for the construction of station which is deeper in the rock. The open blast method is more effective in rock than mechanical excavation, resulting in a shortened construction period and less disruption to the local community. The method is commonly used in tunnelling works, and has been used during the construction of Yau Tong Station on the Tseung Kwan O Line.

Protective measures including
temporary vertical screens
will be provided.

The use of explosives is subject to stringent control by the Mines Division of Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD). Qualified professionals will be employed for the blasting operations. Protective measures including temporary vertical screens and blasting cages will be provided. Monitoring points will be installed to monitor any impacts from the blasting operations on nearby buildings. The local community will be notified prior to each blast.

For more information on the use of explosives, please visit CEDD website:


Cut and Cover

For Whampoa Station, the concourses and platforms at the junction of Hung Hom Road/Tak Man Street and Shung King Street/Tak On Street will be constructed by the cut-and-cover method.

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cover illustration


Mechanical Excavation

Due to shallow rock cover, part of the station platform tunnel at Whampoa Station will be constructed by mechanical excavation to minimize the impact on nearby residents and businesses. A section of the tunnel connecting existing Yau Ma Tei Station overrun tunnels will also be constructed by the same method to avoid damage to the existing overrun tunnels.

Tunnel construction by
mechanical breaking